Attorney Steven Sessa beats Clients’ DUI Charge

Attorney Steven Sessa beats Clients’ DUI Charge

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Attorney Steven Sessa has clients DUI case and other charges dismissed

When a client of DUI Defense Attorney Steven Sessa was stopped for speeding on a motorcycle with no driver’s license in his possession, no motorcycle endorsement and no registration, police officers arrested him for allegedly being intoxicated.

The client contacted Attorney Steven Sessa for representation for his DUI case, met with Steven and discussed the facts of his case. After formulating a strategy, Attorney Sessa worked aggressively and diligently to defend his client, clearing his client of the charges levied by the State.

Attorney Steven Sessa’s knowledge of the law and experience for cases involving DUI proved too much for the State’s case, resulting in a “Not Guilty” verdict on the DUI charge, end even resulted in some of the lower charges being dismissed.

Adding insult to injury to the prosecution’s case, Attorney Steven Sessa successfully got the judge to dismiss the no possession of a driver’s license, no possession of registration and even made an agreement for Sessa’s client to obtain a valid motorcycle endorsement in lieu of paying a fine.

Needless to say, Attorney Steven Sessa had a very happy client.